7th Virtual Cities and Territories

Lisbon, October 11th & 14th 2011

COST TU 0602

COST Action TU0602 “Land Management for Urban Dynamics” will have its final conference within 7VCT. A special Theme track (see Conference Themes) is devoted to the issue of land management. Some presentations will be dedicated to the scientific results of the Action.

The Action deals with issues regarding policies, tools, and processes of land management practice across Europe. European cities largely differ from each other in their land ownership situation, building industry and real estate configurations, mortgage system, planning culture, policies, and management tools. However, the actual impacts of those differences on the success of urban development are poorly known, in spite of their utmost importance for European long term economic growth, especially for new Eastern EU members.

The Action aims at developing an Europewide comparative study and recommendations that focus on land management regimes and land policies for urban development and regeneration, land management processes and tools for large urban development projects, the overall assessment of the performance of those regimes, policies, and tools.

Please visit the Action’s website for more information.

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